End of Life Documents


Directive to Physicians "Living Will"

A Directive to Physicians is also known as a living will. This document allows you to choose your end of life care by informing healthcare providers what life-sustaining treatment you want in the event you are unable to make healthcare decisions. Unlike a Medical Power of Attorney, a Directive to Physicians does not allow you to appoint an agent to make healthcare decisions when you cannot.

Medical Power of Attorney

Although not solely an end of life document, a Medical Power of Attorney helps avoid a guardianship over your person by designating an agent to make healthcare decisions for you when you are unable to.

DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)

This document allows you to decide in advance if you do not want every life-saving procedure available in the event you pass onto God at home or in another facility. This document is usually signed by those who are terminally ill, in poor health, disabled, or of advanced age. For example:if you passed away at home and an ambulance is called, even if you passed in the night the paramedics would be required to administer CPR and any other life-saving measures. This could have devastating consequences, especially for any family present.

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