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Robert's law practice is a unique family oriented business. He has a home office, which lends to an inviting and friendly atmosphere. Robert incorporates his family into his practice. There are seven notaries and even more witnesses, which means after hours appointment needs are easily accommodated. Occasionally, sounds of childish chatter are heard in the background even though his office is completely closed off from the rest of the house for privacy. Bringing your children or grandchildren to an appointment is not a problem. There is even a seesaw in the front yard for their entertainment.

Why is it important to have an estate plan?

While you are alive, you can make the decisions you want about who will benefit from your estate. Someone will benefit from your estate regardless of whether you make an estate plan; and in the worse case possible, it could be the State. Some documents affect your life while you are still alive. Powers of Attorney let you decide who will make your decisions when you cannot. There does come a day when inexpensive documents are no longer available and a difficult and costly guardianship becomes necessary. Your family will appreciate your loving decision to plan ahead by creating an estate plan which reflects your wishes and eases their burden.

My family member died, what do I do now?

A Will does not become effective until it is determined to be the Last Will and Testament by the presiding judge and admitted to probate, which must be done before four years have elapsed since the decedent died. You will need to get an appointment with a licensed Attorney in the State where the decedent resided and start the probate process. The attorney will lead you through quite a few documents which are necessary and help you every step of the way. A hearing can be scheduled as early as two weeks after your initial appointment. Sometimes a bank will ask if you have “Letters” which refers to Letters Testamentary which you will get after the hearing. You can always call if you get confused about anything. Sometimes everything is overwhelming but we are here to you through this difficult time.

what we do

Estate Planning


 Estate planning includes, but is not limited to, drafting wills, "financial" powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, trusts, deeds, conveying property into trust..

End of Life Documents


 These include Directive to Physicians "Living Will" and DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) orders.

Estate Settling


 This includes Probating Wills, helping with the administration and winding up of Trusts, small estate affidavits, affidavits of heirship, real estate transaction documents and documents relating to motor vehicles and manufactured housing.

Whether you need an estate plan or a Probate, do not put it off. Call today.

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